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One of ESA’s cornerstone principles is the pursuit of learning.  During the early years of ESA, the educational program was very specific and focused on a week-by-week study program for the series of books entitled “The Writings of Mankind.” The members purchased these books, and individual chapter members were responsible for preparing lessons according to a standardized study guide.  Today, most chapters have an educational chair who outlines a yearlong plan of study for the chapter. The topics are chosen to suit the interests of the membership, and the members take an active part in the preparation of study materials. Chapters are asked to report their educational activities to the state educational chair and are encouraged to enter their programs in state and international award competitions.


1st Pearl & Pallas Athene

Whether your goal is to enhance your resume’ and professional skills, secure a board position or other volunteer position or build your personal skill set in pursuit of life-long learning, playing a leadership role in an ESA activity or event is a great way to learn. The ESA Skills Certification program allows you to focus on developing a complete spectrum of skills specific to functional areas of management and receive recognition for your achievements.

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