Kentucky State Council

The History of the International Council

The International Council (IC) Executive Board consists of elected ESA members who serve as volunteer leaders and liaisons for ESA’s local, state, and regional councils. The International Council hosts the ESA International Council Convention, which takes place annually each July. Each member of the IC Executive Board travels to designated state meetings to represent the organization, and to assist and provide volunteer guidance for local chapters and councils.

Each year the IC Executive Board, led by its international president, promotes annual campaigns and ideas to fulfill ESA’s mission for doing good works. The IC administers ESA’s Disaster Fund, which as a part of ESA’s Care Connection, provides assistance and support for ESA members who experience personal crises. IC membership is composed of all chapters and lower councils. The Executive Board includes officers who are elected annually at International Convention in July.

All chapters and councils adhere to the by-laws and standing rules of the International Council as posted on this website. All chapters and other councils of within ESA are encouraged to belong to the International Council to share ideas and support. On September 1, the IC treasurer sends a letter explaining dues to each chapter. Payment of IC dues is necessary for chapters to receive a tax-exempt designation. Annual International Council dues are paid to the IC treasury to finance the operation of the council and to support visitations of IC representatives to state conventions. Payment of these chapter dues is made directly to the International Council treasurer. While all chapters receive benefits provided from the work of the International Council, only chapters who pay their dues have voting privileges for the election of officers and for the conduct of business at the IC Convention.

The International Council Executive Board has established an exemplary standard for all volunteer leaders. Its hard work, along with that of its member chapters and councils, continues to motivate ESA’s membership to continue following its proud tradition of leadership development and public service.